Francesca Silva

Yoga Student / YogaHub Assisting Editor

As someone of European descent who was born in Asia, I always considered myself a mixed bag of ethnicity. A few years ago, I traced my family history and was delighted to find out that I was indeed a “mixed bag”, with Portuguese, Spanish, Scottish, Malaysian, and Chinese ancestry. Bring it on – the more the merrier!

I have always loved reading, having developed that passion through my parents, who read to me and with me during my formative years. The excitement of the stories would jump out of the pages and into my imagination, instilling in me my life-long passion for the written word.

So when it came time for me to choose my career, it’s not surprising that I inevitably settled on one that was closest to my heart – publishing and editing.

I think my mixed heritage has been instrumental in helping me recognize and celebrate the differences in people around the world. I have an innate curiosity in finding out more about different cultural and religious practices and, as a writer and editor, my work tends to drift toward exploring the many different facets of people’s lives.

My introduction to yoga came through my good friend, Christina, the owner and founder of YogaHub. Over the years, the stresses and tensions of life had begun to take a toll on my body and mind. Through Christina’s gentle persuasion, I was able to learn how yoga could be physically and mentally rewarding in releasing tension, calming my mind, and maintaining my fitness level.

I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to share my ongoing yoga journey through this interactive website. And, like Christina, I hope that my words can be an inspiration to others who want to learn more about the benefits of yoga. ~ Namaste.

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