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The Education of a Yoga Teacher

Margaret Kruszewska
Yoga EducationThis week I am attending the national Amercan Academy of Religion (AAR) conference in Washingtion DC. I am swimming in a sea of religious studies scholars - what's a yoga teacher like me doing in a place like this? When I began teaching yoga immediately after completing my teacher's training in 1990, I also began formulating many questions about what and how I was teaching that could not be answered within the yoga community....

Navaratri- Honoring female deities

Margaret Kruszewska
Navaratri DurgaToday begins Navaratri, a nine day celebration dedicated to the female energies named Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. In light of my last entry ("Considering Gender in Yoga"), I always welcome this chance to reclaim the feminine in spiritual practices. Navaratri is celebrated by men and women, young and old. (more…)

Considering Gender in Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska
With all we know about how moving through life is different if you are a Male or a Female, how is it that in writings or studies about yoga- gender remains unmentioned. Actually, let me reframe that: the yogic experience remains defined by the language of the male body, most frequently noted or recorded by a male author. This despite the obvious outnumbering of female yoga practitioners to male in just about all your yoga classes. (And I...
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