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Yoga and the World

Margaret Kruszewska

How can we just sit in lotus position when there’s several wars raging right now in the world, our nation is on “high alert” again, we’re gobbling oil faster than we’ll ever be able to replenish it and women and children’s lives are still at greatest danger in their own homes?

In the past 6 years of my graduate studies in San Francisco I have met many amazing individuals who have inspired many others in a...

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The Yoga of Asanas

Margaret Kruszewska
There is so much out there about yoga: yoga videos, yoga classes, yoga studios, yoga teachers, yoga books, yoga styles, yoga methods.  It feels exciting, and can be overwhelming.  Students wonder if yoga will help them, if the teacher is good.  They wonder if yoga will make them thinner, calmer, more loving and better lovers.  That's a lot.  Can yoga really be all that? (more…)
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Watch Yourself

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_watch-yourself.jpgChange happens on many levels when you begin a yoga practice. In my first week of daily yoga I notice the aches and pains - the limitations- of the physical body first. But also how energy moves. My digestion is better- proof that yoga poses massage our internal organs and help the digestive "fires." (more…)
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The Yoga of Silence

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_Silence.jpgWe seem to be terrified of silence. I notice a constant chatter in most of the yoga classes I've been attending lately. Perhaps because the teacher feels a need to deliver a performance? (more…)
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