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What an Honour

Christina Souza Ma
The whole team here at YogaHub has been consistently kept on our toes. We began the year building the 1st Virtual World Yoga Conference in 93 days. Yes, that was quite the whirlwind. Then we had to spend time in post-production, rebalancing ourselves from all the wonderful but swift flow. (more…)
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Cell Mates

Glenn Wollman
Think of your body as a complex organism (I know I do). It contains systems such as the nervous system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, etc. Each system is composed of multiple organs and specialized tissues: brain and nerves, stomach and intestines, heart and blood vessels. Continuing in a microscopic direction it eventually becomes evident that we are all made of cells (which have various functions depending on their...
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Yoga Connection

Francesca Silva
It’s surprising how yoga can transform an acquaintance into a friendship so quickly. Perhaps it’s just a matter of two or more individuals finding common ground and connecting over something that we enjoy. As I mentioned in my last blog, Hubby’s cousins from Portugal stayed with us recently – seven in all, which made for a full house (mild understatement)! Hubby hadn’t seen them for quite a few years and...
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Francesca Silva
I’m a Libra, so it’s all about balance for me…except that these days it’s more like IMbalance! We have visitors staying with us again – seven in all this time. My sister and her family left a couple of weeks ago and we had just a few days’ break before Hubby’s cousins came. And while they are wonderful and easy going people, there’s still a lot to do and there are...
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Getting Back to Yoga Again

Christina Souza Ma
It’s been an interesting journey for me these past few months. I had been wanting to return to my daily yoga practice with my partner and whoever else was interested in joining me. I used to have such a wonderful personal practice that was so inspiring and energizing, so to suddenly not have it was difficult. (more…)
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I Don’t Feel Your Pain

Glenn Wollman
When you come to me or any other physician with the very common and sometimes critical complaint of “PAIN”, we enter in to a magical medical tour in order to figure out the problem and hopefully find a solution to resolve the cause. If limb, sight or life are at stake, communication needs to be more rapid and very clear. In less critical moments we can go at a different...
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Letting Go

Francesca Silva
Okay, I’ll admit it. I hold grudges. If I want to, I can cling on to a grudge like you wouldn’t believe – barnacles on rocks have nothing on me. I know, I know – we can all get upset about things said or not said at any given time, but some people manage to shrug it off and forget about it. Me? Not so much. I mean, I remember something...
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Balancing Act

Christina Souza Ma
How funny that lately my flow of thought continues to be about balance. This whole month of July has just swept by, filled with the illusions of life that surrounded every situation and moment. The illusions have flowed like dreams, from one scenario to another. Like a river as the water trips and falls over stones and boulders, never knowing where it is going to end up. That was my month...
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The Blank Page

Megan Mcdonough
I bought another journal today that I didn’t need. My daughter says I have a fetish for journals – and she’s probably right. I have thin and fat, large and small, colorful and plain journals stuck in all sorts of places – including by my bed, in my car, the office, kitchen and here now as I sit in our town common at the local farmer’s market. Continue Reading: The Blank Page