Yoga Teaching in Action

Paloma Chavez

yogi in action.jpgHow often do we get a chance to acknowledge the quiet and constant efforts of our fellow yoga practioners? There are many individuals who are manifesting the benefits they receive from yoga and tirelessly sharing it with their communities.

This month’s Yoga Journal highlights five such dedicated people in the article “Change the World” by Mary Billard. “Their practice had ignited a passion to change the world.”

The article introduces us to each yogi by sharing with us his or her passion, path, action and dream. Jill Abelson (Jivamukti Yoga) is titled Protector of Mother Earth, Michael McColly (Educator) is the Spiritual Storyteller, Samantha Broder (City Harvest) is the Sharer of Sustenance, Niki Myers (Cityyoga) is the Inner-city Healer and Katchie Ananda (Yoga Sangha School) is the Activist Activtor.

Each profile offers us inspirational insight and thoughtful possibilities of how we might extend ourselves through our own practice. And these yogis are making a difference on a local to a global level. We find that their efforts serve on many fronts such as the Environmental Protection Agency, breakfast/yoga programs, working with homelessness, monthly spiritual/activist lecture events, and working with youth AIDS programs.

Pick up a copy and read about these ordinary yogis with extraordinary passions.

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