Neti Pot During the Trip to Prescott

madoka kasahara

prescott.jpgAs some of you have already read in my previous blog, I went to Prescott, Arizona to attend the film festival because the feature film I worked on was being screened. A week prior to the trip with my co-directors, there was heavy rain in Los Angeles and I guess in Prescott as well. Because of the storm, I was told that the small town was covered by snow.

Since I grew up in the snow town of Sapporo in Japan, I knew what I had to watch out for to prevent myself from catching a cold. The first and most obvious thing was that it would be very cold (in some nights, it went to below 32°). Secondly, the small town of Prescott is located high in the mountains. Going from one location to another, especially to a high mountain, I knew that my body wouldn’t be able to adjust so quickly. Lastly – but what I was most afraid of – was the dryness. Many people believe that they catch a cold because of the cold weather but actually we catch a cold because of the dryness in the cold weather.

So I was smart enough to bring a neti pot!! Luckily, there was a big bathtub in my room, so I took a long hot bath every night, followed by my neti pot cleansing.

Since coming back from the short trip, I’ve been using the neti post almost every night because 1) at first, I was afraid that I would be again be affected by the changing of the location from the high mountain to the bottom, 2) I’ve been consuming a lot of sweets during the holidays, and 3) it’s still cold and dry in Los Angeles.

Thanks to the neti pot, I have not caught a cold but have actually felt so great. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had this feeling during the wintertime! (I was always bothered by dry coughs every year… but not this time!!)

Please do take care of yourself and a Happy New Year!!!
Much love…

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