Caregivers Yoga Practice

Paloma Chavez

LotusThese days, more and more adults are going through the stress of caring for their aging parents. And when their parents suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s, there can be an added stress and strain on the caregiver.

Nurse Jeanne Perino found that out when she started to care for her aging mother. Although Jeanne worked in an intensive care unit, her own experience with caring for her ailing mother was a completely different challenge. Fortunately for her, she found a way to keep a calm and positive outlook – her regular yoga practice. “If I didn’t have yoga, I don’t know what I would have done,” Jeanne says. The breathing techniques, the postures, it does calm you.”

The Bradley University is now embarking on an important study to review the benefits of yoga on caregivers of Alzheimer and dementia patients. According to the chair of Bradley’s Department of Educational Leadership and Human Development, Chris Rybak, who is leading the project, “The study will examine the relationship between caregiver stress, depression and anxiety before and after participation in yoga or a support group involving light exercise.”

The eight-week caregivers study will take place this summer with selected family members who are currently caring for parents suffering from the diseases.

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